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C-2300 | Preamplifier

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For more than half a century, Accuphase has pursued its relentless quest to create the ideal volume control circuit. The C-2300 preamplifier uses Balanced AAVA to control volume without sacrificing dynamics. A newly added 4-band tone control allows for precise sound tone adjustments.

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  • Balanced AAVA volume control
  • 4-band tone control
  • Quiet and smooth volume sensor construction
  • Ample inputs: 5 Line and 2 Balanced
  • Independent power supplies and unit amplifiers for left and right
  • Phase setting memory for each input
  • Highly reliable logic-controlled signal switching relays
  • High-quality headphone amplifier
  • Additional option boards support digital signals and analog records
  • Dimensions: Width 465 mm (18.3”) × Height 150 mm (5.9”) × Depth 405 mm (15.9”)
  • Weight: 19.3 kg (42.5 lbs)

Warm : Adds softness to the music

Neutral : Close to the original intent

Detailed : Adds precision to the music


5 years

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C-2300 | Preamplifier
C-2300 | Preamplifier
C-2300 | Preamplifier
C-2300 | Preamplifier