A priority

At Audiophile Experts, service is a priority whose consistent quality is an integral part of the company's mission. The team has always distinguished itself by its attention to detail and listening pleasure.

Acoustic Treatments

Do you have an audiophile listening space? We can perform an analysis of your room.

With over 20 years of experience in acoustic analysis, our team uses multiple tools to achieve the best results.

$200.00 + taxes is what we ask for a complete study. If you place an order for acoustic panels with us, the amount will be credited.

You will recieve :

  • A file containing the test results
  • A simulation document with a before and after comparison
  • A proposal to improve your acoustics

Audiophile Experts uses  for acoustic treatments.

We Buy Vinyl Records

We are always interested in well-maintained vinyl record collections.

We buy rock, jazz, blues, classical, funk, soul and many other genres. No collection is too big or too small to interest us.

We always provide a written appraisal that includes the value of your vinyl records. It is necessary to have the records in hand before an evaluation is possible. We take the time to do things right.

If you already have a spreadsheet of your collection, even better.

Turntable Settings and Calibration

One of the most important steps in maximizing the performance of your analog hardware is how it is tuned. We offer two levels of calibration that will improve your musical experience:

-The first level is a static calibration. High precision instruments are used to visually adjust all crucial angles and weights.

-The second level is a dynamic calibration. After performing the first level of adjustment, the turntable is connected to a computer system that allows real-time analysis of the output signal. This system is accurate to the thousandth of a percent with data on all angles, tracking and anti-skating forces, and even platter rotation speed.

The prices for these calibrations may vary from one turntable to another, do not hesitate to ask us what we can do for your equipment.


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