Michael Legrand | Legrand Jazz


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  • Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • Pressed at RTI
  • 45 RPM
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Michael Legrand | Legrand Jazz

Chris Bellman

Chris Bellman developed an appreciation for music and theater through classical piano. In 1984 Chris joined Bernie Grundman's new mastering studios. Joining the Grundman team allowed him to work with artists such as: Neil Young, Carole King, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Elton John and many more. Chris has evolved his talents to deliver the best possible mastering.

Record Technology Inc.

RTI is a renowned pressing plant for vinyl records located in California. 12″ records have been manufactured there since 1974. RTI has a reputation for very good manufacturing technique as well as quality control. Audiophile LPs from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, for example, are pressed there. They also produce Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's One-Step Ultradisc releases and Impex Records' 1step series.

45 RPM

The slower a record spins, the more it's sound quality is affected. In order to deliver the best possible sound, the record must spin faster (45 RPM). However, when a record spins faster, the amount of information it can hold is reduced. The desire to improve sound quality, while ensuring adequate playtime, is a problem that still persists today. Obviously, the "convenience" drawback isn't an issue when you're willing to pay more for two 12-inch records instead of just one.