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FPX(R) | Duplex

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  • Rhodium plating provides high resolution, transparent and accurate sound


The FPX Series features a new plating technique that provides sonic enhancements and a more durable finish. Also unique to the FPX series is a pin insert construction which ensures increased contact areas, stable transmission and the tightest contacts in the audio industry and they will not scratch or mark the plating on the AC connectors.

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  • Accommodates cable diameters from 10 AWG to 24 AWG
  • Dimensions: 104.2mm×33.5mm (L×W), 28.2mm thick
  • Materials: Nylon and Fiber Glass
  • Cover: White polycarbonate
  • Connections: Set-screw
  • Non-magnetic Rhodium
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FPX(R) | Duplex