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DP-570 | CD/SACD Player

Special Request
Why we love it

  • Very dynamic and musical
  • Flawless build quality
  • Made in Japan


Enjoy listening to the DP-570, the next step in pursuit of the ideal disc playback experience.

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  • High-grade SA-CD/CD drive
  • MDS+ type D/A converter with four parallel circuits
  • Direct Balanced Filter with separate line and balanced signal paths
  • Programmable playlist
  • Sampling frequency and quantization bit display
  • Data disc playback
  • Numerous transport outputs and digital inputs
  • Digital connection with voicing equalizers
  • Phase selector for balanced outputs
  • Dimensions: Width 465 mm (18.3”) × Height 151 mm (6.0”) × Depth 393 mm (15.5”)
  • Weight: 19.0 kg (41.9 lbs)

Warm : Adds softness to the music

Neutral : Close to the original intent

Detailed : Adds precision to the music


2 years

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DP-570 | CD/SACD Player
DP-570 | CD/SACD Player
DP-570 | CD/SACD Player
DP-570 | CD/SACD Player