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C-47 | Phonostage

Special Request
Why we love it

  • Coup de Coeur
  • One of the best signal to noise ratio in the industry
  • Very dynamic and musical
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Made in Japan


By bringing out the full performance potential of each phono cartridge, the C-47 delivers a rich and deeply satisfying musical experience.

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  • Low-noise fully balanced configuration
  • One dedicated balanced MC phono input and three sets of regular phono inputs
  • Separate settings memory for each input position
  • Balanced and line level output connectors
  • Balanced output polarity selector
  • Full mono construction
  • Separate toroidal power transformers for left and right channel
  • Low-noise regulated power supply circuitry unaffected by load fluctuations
  • High-accuracy phono equalizer with RIAA deviation of only ±0.3 dB
  • Load impedance settings for six MC and three MM phono cartridge types
  • 7-segment LED indicator shows load impedance
  • Gain selector for low-output phono cartridges
  • Built-in subsonic filter
  • Disc equalizer assembly using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin PCBs with low dielectric constant and low losses
  • Gold-plated printed circuit boards
  • Aluminum top plate with hairline finish
  • Elegant side panels with natural wood grain finish
  • Dimensions: Width 465 mm (18.31”) × Height 114 mm (4.49”) × Depth 407 mm (16.02”)
  • Weight: 14.8 (32.6 lbs)

Warm : Adds softness to the music

Neutral : Close to the original intent

Detailed : Adds precision to the music


5 years

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C-47 | Phonostage
C-47 | Phonostage
C-47 | Phonostage