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C-2900 | Preamplifier

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Why we love it

  • Made in Japan


The C-2900 is the ideal preamplifier for passionate audiophiles.

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  • Balanced AAVA volume control
  • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching assure high sound quality and long-term reliability
  • Printed circuit boards for signal transmission use glass cloth fluorocarbon resin with low dielectric constant and minimum loss along with gold-plating on copper foil surfaces
  • Power supply circuits with separate toroidal transformers and filtering capacitors (10,000 μF × 4 pcs) for the left and right
  • Newly developed volume sensor construction for a quiet and smooth operation feel
  • Versatile arrangement of inputs and outputs (five line level inputs, two balanced inputs, two line level outputs, and two balanced outputs)
  • Line level input and output connectors for a recorder
  • Line level and balanced EXT PRE inputs for connection of an external preamplifier
  • Individual phase setting for each input
  • Switchable overall gain (12 dB / 18 dB / 24 dB)
  • Left / right balance control through Balanced AAVA
  • Stereo signal can be switched to monophonic operation
  • Volume attenuator to instantly reduce sound to as low as –20 dB
  • Loudness compensator for correcting the perceived spectral balance
  • Informative and easy to read input and volume level display with on / off switching
  • Discretely configured, high-quality headphone amplifier with parallel push/pull output stages
  • Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood
  • High-carbon cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics
  • Dimensions: Width 477 mm (18.78") × Height 156 mm (6.14") × Depth 412 mm (16.22")
  • Weight 24.2 kg (53.4 lbs)

5 years

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C-2900 | Preamplifier
C-2900 | Preamplifier
C-2900 | Preamplifier
C-2900 | Preamplifier