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Rouge | Step-Up Transformer



Designed and built by Luna Cables in Canada the Luna Rouge SUT provides a holographic sound, rendering complex warm tones and rich timbres with a most detailed, natural, and musical flow. This SUT allows your MC cartridge to express itself in a way that most active MC stages can only hint at.

The stereo-mono switch is useful for cartridge set-up and allows the listener to enjoy their entire vinyl collection as they want it.


The design of the Rouge SUT serves to maximize the potential of an outstanding vintage transformer. Built in the 50s and 60s these transformers are becoming increasingly rare. Luna Cables has stock-piled them to make the Rouge SUT available for many years to come. The transformers are encased in solid mahogany and walnut, then triple shielded with copper.

The chassis and the bottom plate are carved out of a thick and solid aluminum block and lined with copper. This process provides an excellent isolation against the environment.


Why using a vintage transformer?

Some select vintage components parts are considered as “Holy Grail” in the audio industry. A good example is the original production Western Electric 300B vacuum tube. Why people are looking for an original part? Because it is not possible to reproduce those products exactly today due to the specific qualities of the materials and production techniques used. It's the same with the vintage transformers we use. The sonic qualities are simply superior to anything in current production.

Why using two different woods?

The use of two different woods to encapsulate the transformers is based upon many hours of listening test and was inspired by guitar construction. The combination of walnut and mahogany produces just the right tone.


Luna Rouge internal wires
3 Ohm primary
1.65k Ohm secondary
1:20 ratio