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With more than 40 years of experience in hand-picking, testing and assessing sound systems, Audiophile Experts mission is to provide its customers with the knowledge, information and the best components to deliver the ultimate auditory experience for every budget.

Audiophile Experts offers a “human” personalized sales and support, and is an authorized dealer for high-quality and reliable manufacturers around the world.

Behind Audiophile Experts, there is Multi Électronique, a family-owned enterprise that has served its loyal customers since 1983 at the same location in the heart of Montérégie, south of Montreal. Founder and owner Philippe Renaud’s vision is carried out by his team.

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Meet the team:

Mathieu Roberge

My first love being science, I came into the audiophile world later than most. After a few years of college and university, I started my career in electronics amongst big-box retailers. It’s in those hazardous environments that I discovered an admiration for sound systems.

The passion for musical reproduction was brought to life by the emotional connections and the nostalgia that can be felt through well designed audio equipment. Initially moved by revisiting the music of my childhood and teenage years, I’m now constantly looking for impactful sonic impressions through the movies, series and video games that constitute my other passions.

My fascination for the genius engineering in the Hi-Fi world, as well as my quest for adrenaline inducing high end audio systems naturally brought me to a specialised store. Amid this environment, I’m able to cultivate this passion and share it with others.

Have fun.

Stacy Lussier

As long as I remember, I've always been an audiophile. I started playing the drums when I was a kid. My friend's father had a studio. I was there almost every weekend.

As a teenager, I had fun mixing and mastering. I was fascinated by the sound reproduction and sought to recreate the best illusion possible. Eventually, I was offered a job in a Hi-Fi shop. The passion was there.

A few decades later, I'm still in the industry. Acoustic treatment, discovering new songs, finding good vinyl records pressings and sharing my passion with customers are some of the things that inspire me.

Enjoy listening.

What our customers are saying about us from coast to coast:

  • Richard MacCaul: This is a business that invites new clients but does not pressure a sale... The staff, ESPECIALLY Phillipe are very hospitable, clients are treated with a high degree of respect, it is a pleasure just to drop in even if you do not intend to make purchase... I am a fan of this company...
  • Pier-Luc Carron: Merci pour la qualité du service et les conseils pour le rehaussement de ma cellule phono sur ma table tournante! L'outil comparateur sur votre site web pour écouter les différentes cellules phono est fantastique et vraiment simple d'utilisation!
  • Patrice Dussault: Établissement hautement recommandé ! Stacy aux ventes est tout simplement une encyclopédie vivante. Le service est impeccable et efficace. Il est rassurant de pouvoir confier son investissement à des gens aussi passionnés et précautionneux que soi.
  • Jordan Ing: I bought a demo turntable earlier this week and was extremely happy with my experience. Stacy was quick to respond to my inquiry about the product. It was shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition! 
  • Mario Bernard: J'ai eu droit à un service très attentionné de M. Roberge pour mon système de marque Classe. Compétence et suivi de la satisfaction de la clientèle au rendez-vous.
  • Gregory Stusio: I have dealt with Stacy and have to say that he gave us a top-notch service. He was very patient, answered all our questions and was always very professional and willing to help. He clearly is passionate about audio and he goes out of his way to provide excellent customer service. Strongly recommended.
  • Jesse Pimentel: Une mention spéciale pour la boutique Audiophile Experts pour la qualité d'emballage de mon paquet que j'ai reçu! Tout fut super bien emballé! Je sais que ce sont des super audio CD et qu'il ne fallait pas autant d'emballage mais il s'agit du souci qu'ils ont pour leur client que je voulais souligner! Merci encore pour votre boutique! Super service et conseil de qualité. Capable d'aider les gens selon leur besoin et leur budget c'est grandement apprécié! Merci Stacy Lussier pour m'avoir créé de nouveaux besoins!!! Superbe boutique je recommande à tous!!!!
  • Pierre Duplain: Un petit message à l’intention de Stacy. Aujourd’hui 30 mars et c’est Noël chez nous! Je viens de recevoir ma commande (prise Furutech et Emerson Digital). Service ultra rapide, c’est fou!!!! Stacy, je voulais te remercier pour le temps que tu as pris à me conseiller hier. C’est vraiment merveilleux de rencontrer une personne passionnée par son travail et pour qui le service client n’est pas un slogan publicitaire. J’ai été très heureux de te parler, et sois assuré que si quelqu’un est à la recherche de conseils avisés, je saurais vers quelle personne le diriger. J’espère un jour faire un petit « croche » vers Beloeil pour visiter le magasin et te serrer la main. Encore une fois merci pour tout.


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