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Kimber Kable

Kimber KableCables are crucial links in any high-fidelity audio and video system. The loudspeaker cables, interconnect cables and power cables from Kimber Kable are the result of work and passion from American inventor and engineer Ray Kimber who, since the 1970s, seeks to eliminate noise and interference and improve the fidelity in the equation of sound.Audiophile Experts offers customized lengths (by the foot) of Kimber Kable’s two-conductor loudspeaker cables from the PR, TV and VS series, which offer 4 or 8 strands per conductor, as well as connectors from the SBAN and Postmaster series.We also offer Kimber Kable’s interconnect cables from the Hero, KS and PJB series, as well as power cables from the PK-10 and PK-14 series.
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