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DP-1000 | Transport CD/SACD

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  • Fabriqué au Japon


Le DP-1000 est le transport idéal pour lire des données de manière silencieuse et précise.

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  • High-rigidity, high-precision aluminum machined SA-CD/CD drive
  • Low-noise power supply circuits and separate toroidal transformers for mechanical system and signal processing
  • Programmable playlists so that you can enjoy your music in the order you want
  • Accuphase voicing equalizer and digital connections
  • Digital outputs (HS-LINK / COAXIAL)
  • Low placement of the SA-CD/CD player for a low center of gravity
  • “Power-on play” that automatically starts playback with a timer (sold separately)
  • HS-LINK Ver. 1 / Ver. 2 switching
  • Data disc playback (including DSD discs)
  • Natural grain wood case with a mirror finish crafted by artisans using carefully selected virgin wood
  • 12 mm thick machined aluminum bottom plate
  • Advanced high-carbon cast iron insulators
  • Supplied with HS-LINK cable AHDL-15
  • Dimensions: Width 477 mm (18.8 in) × Height 156 mm (6.1 in) × Depth 394 mm (15.5 in)
  • Weight: 24.4 kg (53.8 lbs)

2 ans

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DP-1000 | Transport CD/SACD
DP-1000 | Transport CD/SACD
DP-1000 | Transport CD/SACD