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2M Blue | MM Phono Cartridge


Press awards:



 - Detailed music reproduction
 - Superb dynamics
 - Nude Elliptical diamond


All Ortofon 2M models were developed in conjunction with the Danish designer Moeller Jensen Design and are inspired by the facets of a diamond. All 2M models include Ortofon’s trademark split pole pins, which provide Moving Magnet cartridges with a flat frequency response, as it is the case with Moving Coil models. Furthermost, Ortofon suggest that with proper care, it is possible to achieve 1000 usage hours without degradation of performance.

The Ortofon 2M BLUE adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details compared to the 2M Red model. It features a Nude Elliptical diamond that is bonded directly to the cantilever, rather than a diamond tip on a metal mounting as is usually the case with budget needles. The 2M BLUE presents a rich and precise sound, delivering details and energy efficiently.