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Orange | Step-Up Transformer



Greater resolution allows for a more elaborate soundstage, with accurate placement of instruments not only left-to-right, but front-to-back as well. The step-up transformer is a necessary tool in the quest for the best sound using a moving coil cartridge.


Through the manipulation of impedance, the Luna Cables Orange Step-Up transformer will add gain without noise or grain. When compared to active head amps, it delivers lower distortion, particularly in higher frequencies, allowing for a richer and more refined sound.


The chassis and the bottom plate are diecsated out of aluminum lined with copper. This process provides an excellent isolation against the environment.

- Selectable hi/low ratio for wider compatibility
- Switch for selecting mono or stereo output
- Resonance-optimized diecast chassis
- Handmade in Canada


Luna Rouge Internal Wires (1m)
4.8 Ohms primary
820 Ohms secondary
1:13 - 1:26 ratio