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Scala Utopia Evo | Loudspeakers




 - Exceptionnal sound
 - Focal Utopia III proprietary technologies
 - Adjustable bass and treble levels
 - Unique aesthetics
 - Handcrafted in France


The Focal Scala Utopia Evo is a part the Utopia family, the highest quality loudspeakers made by the French company. Handcrafted in France and implementing the most advanced and refined technology Focal has to offer, the Scala Utopia is a prestigious and impressive loudspeaker.

The Scala Utopia Evo’s high frequency performance profits from the beryllium inverted dome and its Infinite Acoustic Loading (IAL2) technology. The beryllium dome presents a very wide frequency range up to 40kHz which surpasses by far any other material’s performance and its lightweight and rigidity allow for total control over that whole range. To allow this performance the beryllium tweeter requires much more than the volume of air that is normally comprise in a tweeter. Focal solved this issue by creating a chamber behind the component into which it vents its rear radiation. This chamber creates an “infinite acoustic space” by combining careful design and meticulous application of sound absorbent materials, preventing the sound radiations to return to the tweeter and affect its performance. 

On the midrange driver is Focal’s “W” composite cone, wich is a superposition of thin woven glass tissue layers “sandwiched” on a foam core. It combines lightness et rigidity in a far superior manner than typical Aramid fibers or Kevlar fabrics membranes and generates much less coloration. With this design, Focal’s cones have a very low distortion rate which results in a truly transparent sound.

The Scala Utopia Evo incorporates Power Flower technology which has been a key component of Focal’s loudspeakers for more than 20 years. It was originally designed to compensate for the fact that no single piece of ferrite large enough for the company’s high efficiency woofer was available. This design sees a combination of multiple ferrite rings on a circular open pattern around the voice coil. It produces a considerable amount of magnetic energy and its open design allows for much better cooling capacity, which lowers distortions and improves dynamic. The Power Flower contributes largely in producing a deep and powerful bass line that is also very accurate.

The Neutral inductance circuit technology that can be found in the Utopia Scala Evo integrates a faraday ring in Focal’s driver system to stabilize its magnetic field, making it no longer affected by the position of the voice coil and all the moving parts. It’s made from a specific material and its exact size and position are the result of three years of research and development. This culminates in a drastically improved control of the driver thus improving definition.

The Scala Utopia Evo also employs Focal’s Tuned Mass Damper technology, which is usually implemented in race car suspension and earthquake-resisting skyscrapers. It consists in an additional mass that oscillate in opposition to a resonance frequency to control it. Focal integrated this idea in its surround design by adding two tubular rings to it. These rings’ movement stabilise the surround when the speaker is active, effectively stopping the cone deformation it would normally create without affecting the dynamics of the system.

The Focal Scala Utopia Evo offers a customisable experience by integrating Focal’s Focus Time and Optimum Phase Crossover (OPC+) technologies. Focus time allows to orient each section of the loudspeaker independently in order to create the perfect sweet spot for the listener to step in. The sections are adjusted via a detachable handle that operates the mechanism. OPC+ is a way to adapt the loudspeaker directly to the room and its acoustic properties. With increments of minus or plus 1 dB to the bass and treble levels, the Scala can be tuned to perform at its best in many environments.


Technical Specifications:


3 way floostanding speaker
Bass-reflex, down-firing port



27 mm IAL2 pure Beryllium tweeter
Power Flower 16.5 cm “W” midrange with TMD suspension and NIC
27 cm “W” woofer
Crossover frequency: 220, 2400 Hz



Sensitivity: 92 dB at 2.83 volts/ meter
Power Handling: 500 W
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 27 Hz- 40 kHz
Low frequency point (-6 dB): 24 Hz
Impedance (nominal):  8 ohms



Dimensions (W x H x D): 39.3 x 124.7 x 67 cm
                                      (15.5 x 49.1 x 26.4 in)