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Stellia | Headphones



Press Awards:


 - Powerful bass
 - Exceptionally detailed sound
 - “M” shape Beryllium dome
 - High quality build
 - Made in France



The Stellia are Focal’s highest quality closed-back headphones and present very advanced technologies. They are designed and optimized with the same objectives as when creating a perfect system in a specific room and will give the listener an impressive and unique experience. They combine careful driver design with intricate earcup geometry and venting to achieve a remarkable extension in the low frequencies.

Focal used the knowledge it acquired from the Utopia EM project to create a driver that can work within a low volume of air but still offer impressive and accurate dynamics. The Beryllium “M” shaped dome it employs offers a large surface area, giving the Stellia the ability to achieve a high SPL. The shape of the cone also optimizes coil positioning, improving control over the component. Through extensive research and design experiment, the French company created the half-roll NBR surround that maximizes the driver’s excursion while ensuring its movement stays a piston action. This component provides an increased control over the highly mobile system effectively minimising distortion and interferences while providing a more natural sound.

The rear of the Stellia’s driver system sees a skillfully designed vent, part of the intricate sound wave dissipation system that maintains the headphones’ clear and precise sound. The rear vent orients the sound waves towards the space between the center of the motor and the exterior of the earcup, beneath the logo. The geometry of the earcup has been specifically studied to break and dissipate the low frequency waves while an EVA foam behind the driver absorbs the higher frequencies. This design enables the driver to be a bass-reflex system and extends drastically its low frequency extension. It also completely erases the resonances that are usually found in closed-back headphones.

The Stellia’s earpads function as an acoustically treated room that enhances the performance of the system in it. They soundproof against the external environment and are made from a tough full-grain leather which extends the headphones performance in the low frequencies. The 50/50 ratio between leather and acoustic fabrics in the earpads provide an ideal mix between absorption and diffusion, resulting in an extremely linear frequency response from 1 to 10 kHz.

With their very high-quality build and even higher quality materials the Focal Stellia headphones represent accurately the French company’s greatest standard. They combine skillfully designed components into an impressive and aesthetic build to deliver a truly refined experience to the listener. 

Technical Specifications:


Closed-back headphones
Full-grain leather headband
Full-grain leather earpads with memory foam
Aluminum yoke
Stainless steel case



40mm 'M' shape pure Beryllium dome full-range speaker driver


Sensitivity: 106 dB at 1 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.1 % at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 5 Hz- 40 kHz
Impedance (nominal):  35 ohms