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Yamaha - Integrated Amplifier - AS501

$699.95 $799.95

Features- ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) and high quality parts- I/O (input to output) Direct Symmetrical Design- ART (Anti-Resolution and Tough) Base- Custom-made power transformer / 12,000uF block capacitors / Aluminum-extruded heat sinks- 120W x 2 (max), 85W x 2 (RMS) high power output- Pure Direct Mode for Greater Sound Purity- Continuous Variable Loudness Control- Gold-plated speaker terminals and RCA (CD, Phono) and coaxial terminals- Digital audio inputs for TV or Blu-ray Player- Connection for YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter- Simple yet sophisticated design (aluminium front panel and knobs)- Auto Power Standby