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SU-R1000 | Integrated Amplifier *DEMO SALE*

Promotion is valid up to the end of March 2023

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Flagship of the Japanese brand, the integrated amplifier Technics SU-R1000 is an audiophile model capable of developing up to 2x150 W RMS into 8 ohms with a very low level of distortion. It benefits from a digital design with components of exceptional quality and innovative technologies to offer a natural sound, subtle and nuanced. Its extended connectivity benefits from analog and digital inputs, with support for 32-bit / 384 kHz and 22.4 MHz DSD streams.

The Technics SU-R1000 incorporates a very high quality phono pre-amplifier equipped with RCA and XLR inputs. This phono preamp uses specially designed digital technology to produce an ideal equalizer curve. The perfect match between the phono cartridge and the phono equalizer helps optimize channel separation and frequency response, allowing you to fully capture the finest details of your vinyl records.

The SU-R1000 benefits from a wide range connections to associate all your sources. Its digital section includes two optical inputs, two coaxial inputs, as well as two USB B inputs. It is therefore possible to use the SU-R1000 as a USB DAC with two Mac and / or Windows computers. You can thus fully enjoy all your dematerialized music up to a resolution of 32 bits / 384 kHz for PCM streams. It also natively supports DSD files up to 22.4 MHz.