Sib Evo Atmos 5.1.2 | Home Theater Loudspeakers


Dare to bring the authentic sound of cinema into your living room, with the Dolby Atmos enabled Sib Evo 5.1.2 Home Cinema System. Your favorite films will become a completely new experience. Although Dolby Atmos hasn't made itself into every living room across the world, the future is in the sound effects the system offers. Using the verticle plane to reflect sound off the ceiling, Sib Evo gives you the impression of 3D sound, that plunges you straight into the action.

For Dolby Atmos to be enabled, a sound system needs to be at least 5.1.2, so first Focal integrated it into our 5.1.2 Sib Evo. The system is composed of two loudspeakers equipped with an additional speaker driver on the top of the units, it is this driver that houses the Dolby Atmos technology. This new-generation of loudspeakers as designed to produce both horizontal and vertical sound waves. Get ready to live a completely new audio home-cinema experience. This pack is ideal for rooms measuring 100ft2 to 540ft2 (10 to 50m2). Blending seemlessly into your living room or home-theatre.


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