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SGS Audio Interconnect Cable 1 Rouge (analog) RCA 0.5m


A problem that arises from the use of an interconnect cable in an audio system is an alteration of the sound, because of the induction and capacity changes on components to which the cable is connected. The cable adds a kind of "veil" on the sound, which greatly distorts the bandwidth. After experiments, Sylvain Goyer conceived cables with quality components and appropriate manufacturing methods and eliminated most of the veil. These cables are made and sold for audiophiles by SGS Electro-Acoustique.HighlightsHand-assembled in QuebecMade of solid-core copper in asymmetrical dimensionsUsage of three unique dielectrics and insulators with low polarization effectPair-matching for 2-channel (stereo) cablesComes with a block that indicates the direction of the audio signal, eases the identification of cable model and prevents cable mixingPluging and evaluation of cables at the workshop, through real listening, for quality controlBreak-in process during five hours at the workshopVacuum-packaged to protect the cables during transport and storageAvailable with RCA connectors (red) or XLR connectors (green)Available in 2-channel and 5-channel versionsAvailable in three lengths: 0.5 meter, 1 meter, 2 meters