TC-55GZ2000 | Pro Edition | 4K OLED TV

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Exclusive OLED TV with Immersive Sound

Panasonic top-of-the range 4K TV is tuned & used by Hollywood picture experts.

The HCX Pro Intelligent Processor faithfully delivers the filmmaker’s vision. Innovative upward & forward firing speakers draw you deeper into action.

OLED Professional Edition Panel

Delivering the best OLED Experience

The OLED TV is -self-illuminating system that individually regulates 8 million pixels. It enables stunning expression of rich, robust black.

With its custom OLED panel, it further expands the dynamic range. It achieves images with a higher perception of brightness to provide an extraordinary cinema experience.

HCX Pro Intelligent Processor

The HCX Processor is the brain behind Panasonic's picture quality, delivering unrivalled accuracy and detail. Built on colour, black level and brightness know-how learned from several decades of manufacturing premium TVs and professional broadcast equipment., the system has also been tuned by a Hollywood colourist to deliver picture quality true to the filmmakers vision.

HDR10+ and Dolby Vision Support

Panasonic's new TVs support playback of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, both next generation "Dynamic Metadata" HDR formats. Of course, they also support conventional HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma formats, so you can enjoy a variety of HDR content.

Built-in upward-firing speakers to deliver Dolby Atmos

 Powerfull, Dynamic Sound with Cinematic Surround.

    The GZ2000 Series offers completely immersive cinematic sound thanks to having buil-in upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos in addition to the usual bottom speakers.

    This maximises the effect of Dolby Atmos format and literally puts you ‘’in the centre of the action’’.

   Furthermore , each speaker is tuned by Technics engineers to achieve the highest fidelity sound possible.

Easy TV Operation Without a Remote Control*

Panasonic TVs give you hands-free operation from an Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant enabled device. A variety of operations, such as turning the power on or off and changing the channel or volume, can be carried out by your voice without having to use the remote control. It's easy to operate the TV with voice commands when you're busy cooking or getting ready to leave the house.

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