PM6006 | Integrated Amplifier


Press awards:



 - Impressive dynamics
 - Efficient Toroidal transformer
 - Marantz HDAM technology
 - High resolution DAC, 24 bit/192kHz
 - Digital inputs (Coaxial and SPDIF)



The Marantz PM6006 is a capable amplifier that delivers a smooth, balanced and insightful musical reproduction. This amplifier combines an efficient Toroidal transformer with Marantz’ proprietary Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM) and a reference class CS4398 DAC with 192kHz/24 bit capacity.

The PM6006 pre-am and power-amp sections feature exclusively discreet components and the digital section is completely shielded by an extra metal housing ton ensure it has no effect on the analog stage. The HDAM are Marantz’ own circuit boards and consists of discrete surface mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths that enable a much more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound. The Toroidal transformer provides more power than a regular EI core transformer for the same size and emits only extremely low electromagnetic radiation and the mechanical vibration, all ending in a better sound quality.

This amplifier features 4 line-level inputs, a phono MM input, a digital coaxial input, two SPDIF inputs, a 6.3mm output and a tape loop recording port. It has 2 channels with 4 speaker terminals that can be switched to and from with the A/B option.

The Marantz PM6006 is an excellent way to enter real Hi-Fi performance and even though its 45 Watts per channel seems low, it will easily suffice to get the most out of many loudspeakers at very decent volume.


Technical Specifications:


High quality CS4398 DAC
Phono MM
Toroidal transformer
High-end discreet components
Fully shielded digital stage
HDAM technology
Digital inputs



Power output: 45 W (8 Ohms) / 60 W (4 Ohms)
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 70kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.08%
Input sensitivity (MM): 2.2 mV / 47 kOhm
Signal to noise ratio (MM): 83 dB
Input sensitivity (high level): 200 mV / 20 kOhm
Signal to noise ratio (high level): 102 dB


4 gold-plated RCA inputs
1 gold-plated MM Phono input
2 SPDIF Toslink inputs
1 digital coaxial input
1 gold-plated RCA output
1 Headphone out
4 speaker terminals (A / B)