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HS Series | Speaker Stands


The right height of a speaker stand, positions the HF driver / tweeter height at, or slightly above your ear height when you are seated in your normal listening position.  As to exactly how much above, depends on the number of HF drivers and if oriented in a vertical array.  Mid point or higher between a vertically oriented HF array is typically your best starting point.  If still unsure, mock up the speaker height by using a table and some books to adjust the height of the speaker and take a listen. This method allows you to hear their best listening height in advance of purchasing.  Then you can feel confident about your choice and know what to expect beforehand.

HS Series supports up to 40 lbs. each without deflection of the top plate. They dramatically improve overall sound / imaging compared to bookshelf, floor, desktop positioned speakers and improve bass and focus of speakers due to their increased mass.