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Esoteric - Stereo Linestage Pre-Amplifier - C03XS Phono


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      Independent Dual Mono DesignThe C-03Xs' DC power supply features a fully independent dual mono design that completely eliminates inter-channel interference. Its dedicated array of power transformers for each channel also blocks noise from the power line, enabling a pure, naturally amplified sound.        Grandioso technology reveals itself in such detailed new design refinements as its independent left and right channel power rectifier circuits and its carefully laid out power supply circuit boards, which further contribute to the C-03Xs' superb sound quality.

       Fully-Balanced Configuration Provides Excellent S/N RatioThe preamplifier's source signal is first received by dedicated buffer amplifiers integrated with each input, from which the circuit configuration is balanced at each stage.

       The C-03Xs' elegant volume and input selector knobs are machined from solid blocks of aluminum. Like the Grandioso C1 and the C-02X, their control shafts use a VRDS drive mechanism bearing system for precise rotation with no mechanical play. Rotational torque has also been fine-tuned to provide a luxurious analog control feel in keeping with this high-end preamplifier.

Phono Modules MM/MC are included.                                               Independent L & R boards designed in dual mono configuration.