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C-03Xs | Preamplifier



Reproduce the beautiful sounds of audio as accurately as they were recorded.

The C-03Xs preamplifier as the embodiment of ESOTERIC technologies, enriches the musical experience of your system to a dramatic extent.

The C-03Xs' DC power supply features a fully independent dual mono design that completely eliminates inter-channel interference. Its dedicated array of power transformers for each channel also blocks noise from the power line, enabling a pure, naturally amplified sound. Grandioso technology reveals itself in such detailed new design refinements as its independent left and right channel power rectifier circuits and its carefully laid out power supply circuit boards, which further contribute to the C-03Xs' superb sound quality.

Esoteric Linestage Preamplifiers are available with on-board MM/MC phono stage as an order option.

  • "Dual mono" construction provides excellent signal separation between left and right channels.
  • MC load impedance value is selectable between 20, 100, and 300Ω
  • Functions are easily accessible by using remote controller.
  • 4-layer print circuit board achieves the shortest possible signal path.
  • Unique power regulator design minimizes unwanted sonic interference to the line stage.
  • Noise-free, shielded internal wirings.