C-02X | Preamplifier


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Representing the next generation in a proud lineage of audio excellence, the C-02X Stereo Linestage Preamplifier and S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier feature state-of-the-art circuitryin a discrete dual mono configuration that dramatically conveys all the power and energy of music. Assembled one at a time in Esoteric's Tokyo factory and incorporating all the knowledge and technology of the flagship Grandioso line, these two new models accentuate the refined qualities of audio reproduction with expert craftsmanship and handmade precision.

The C-02X’s DC power supply features a fully independent dual mono design that completely eliminates inter-channel interference. Its dedicated bank of five generously rated power transformers for each channel also blocks noise from the power line, enabling a pure, natural amplified sound. Grandioso technology reveals itself in such detailed refinements as the careful layout of the power supply circuit boards, which further contribute to the C-02X’s superb sound quality.

Esoteric Linestage Preamplifiers are available with on-board MM/MC phono stage as an order option.

  • "Dual mono" construction provides excellent signal separation between left and right channels.
  • MC load impedance value is selectable between 20, 100, and 300Ω
  • Functions are easily accessible by using remote controller.
  • 4-layer print circuit board achieves the shortest possible signal path.
  • Unique power regulator design minimizes unwanted sonic interference to the line stage.
  • Noise-free, shielded internal wirings.