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Contour 30i | Loudspeakers


August 2020 Update

  • New Esotar 2i tweeter

    Featuring a larger rear chamber and now the Hexis inner dome, which helps to reduce unwanted resonances and flatten the frequency response

  • New spider

    New asymmetric spider for increased system symmetry – and this one is made from aramid fibres for improved acoustic response

  • New crossover

    Extensive tweaks from the 2016 Contour model have led to a simpler, cleaner, and even better-performing unit

  • Voice coil

    Large diameter, long throw aluminium voice-coils



 - Wide and deep sound image
 - Great detail and precision
 - Versatile and transparent
 - Proprietary Dynaudio technology



Dynaudio is renowned for its technical expertise and engineering capabilities as well as its ambition to create an authentic, natural audio experience to the listeners. The Contour 30 achieves exactly that by producing a large and dynamic acoustic image with detailed highs and energetic lows.


The sweet-toned Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter has been a legend in its own right for years and it’s commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers. It’s built in an extremely labour-intensive process; shaped carefully over a form into the dome shape, and then treated with a precision coating to finish. That’s how Dynaudio’s factory technicians, who are as meticulous as they are talented, produce its characteristically clear, detailed sound. Once it’s built, the tweeter’s voice-coil is encased in a special magnetic ferrofluid, which works like a shock-absorber and dissipates heat to reduce stress on the moving parts. That improves power-handling and widens the frequency response.


The new Contour’s solid aluminium baffle is an evolution from the iron used on previous models and its curved form looks slim and elegant. It’s not just mounted on the front of the cabinet; it’s part of the cabinet: thick, solid, robust and extremely well-damped. The new die-cast aluminium driver baskets are mounted directly to it to form one solid mass. That stability lets the all-new drivers do their work free of unwanted vibrations or resonances.

Brand-new one-piece 18cm extended-excursion woofers, in brand-new spiders, tailored specifically for the Contour series enable deep and wide bass performance. The Danish company uses MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) cone material ,varying the thickness across the diaphragm’s width, to achieve the right combination of stiffness and damping. The combination of bigger than usual magnets and large, lightweight aluminum voice-coils allows the driver to be particularly efficient and precise which contributes to the detailed, natural and transparent performance that Dynaudio is know for. 

The Contour is the first-ever Dynaudio speaker to have soft edges and it serves a solid sonic purpose: they help reduce unwanted high-frequency diffractions for improved treble, without the need for any weird-looking fins or humps. It also improves off-axis performance. Each Contour cabinet takes three weeks to finish, it gets 11 coats of furniture-grade lacquer and 11 stages of meticulous polishing.


Technical Specifications:


2.5 way floorstanding speaker
Bass-reflex, rear ported



28 mm Esotar2 tweeter
Two 18 cm MSP mid/woofers
Crossover frequency: (300Hz)/2200Hz



Sensitivity: 87 dB
Power Handling: 300 W
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 32 Hz- 23 kHz
Impedance (nominal):  4 ohms



Dimensions (W x H x D): 21.5 x 114 x 36 cm
                                      (8.5 x 44.9 x 14.2 in)
Footprint (W x H x D): 30 x 116.9 x 40.3 cm
                                     (11.8 x 46 x 15.9 in)