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Confidence 30 | Loudspeakers




 - Fascinating resolution in the finest details
 - Truthful tonality
 - Distinctive lightness and sophistication
 - Most advanced Dynaudio technology



Dynaudio’s reputation precedes it in regards of acoustics research and development. At the heart of Dynaudio Labs is a 13 x 13 x 13m impulse-response room called Jupiter and its sole job is to measure speakers. Suspended 6.5m above this facility’s ground level is a massive moving robot that can take 31 measurements at a time in a giant 7m arc, creating a spherical sonic model of how a loudspeaker behaves perfectly. Using this highly developed tool, passionate Danish engineers surpass technological limits and create loudspeakers that are exceptionally unique. The Confidence 30 is one the most advanced loudspeaker that came out of Dynaudio Labs and is faithful to the company’s intention to reproduce sound and music as close as possible to a natural experience.


The new Esotar3 is the pinnacle of Dynaudio soft-dome tweeter design. It’s an evolution of the renowned Esotar2 found in the new Contour and previous Confidence series. It incorporates (and improves on) the cutting-edge airflow-optimisation technology seen in the award-winning Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter. The Esotar3’s rear chamber is much larger to reduce resonance, damping has been further optimised, and there’s an extremely strong neodymium magnet on board for greater sensitivity and control. Inside the tweeter is the Hexis, a small inner dome that replaces the Esotar2’s felt ring for even greater control over resonances, while also smoothing out the frequency response. Boasting higher detail-resolution, improved clarity and even better dynamics, Dynaudio claims it’s the best tweeter the company has ever produced.


The previous generation of floor-standing Confidence speakers had dual tweeters and an incredibly complex crossover to help form a sound beam that would reduce reflections from floors and ceilings. Every component worked together as part of a system called DDC (Dynaudio Directivity Control). Dynaudio Labs has created a next-gen DDC platform for the new Confidence. The new Confidence speakers need only one tweeter, and a far simpler crossover, thanks to the DDC Lens. This is an intricate, precision-formed aluminium waveguide that hones the vertical audio image while maintaining wider horizontal dispersion than before. The DDC Lens works in conjunction with the Esotar3 and the speakers’ midrange drivers and woofers to greatly reduce unwanted reflections and to focus the stereo image on the listening position.


The new baffle design is crafted from an advanced composite, Compex, that’s not only very light, but extremely strong as well as rigid and well-damped to absorb unwanted resonances. The Compex baffle has been developed, simulated and machined to work as part of the DDC Lens, combining with the drivers and crossover into the DDC platform. This composite is able to handle the precise angles, curves and edges that the updated DDC technology demands and can be designed with specific mechano-acoustical properties.


The Confidence’s brand-new MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) midrange driver is highly different from previous Dynaudio conception presenting a radical surround design that follows the cone’s shape right to the edge of the driver. This reduces the surround’s first resonant mode to effectively increase the whole playing surface area and improve performance. It also sits flush with the baffle to reduce diffractions from the diaphragm and the nearby tweeter. The new basket design increases airflow, maintains its stability and rigidity and reduces weight simultaneously without sacrificing performance.


The new NeoTec woofers use neodymium magnets for greater power, more finesse and improved dynamic range. The new drivers have brand-new voice-coils that use up to three layers of glass-fibre in their formers for optimum stiffness, along with developments in airflow and venting. All of the woofers use Dynaudio’s celebrated MSP (Magnesium Silicate  Polymer) material, just as all the company’s woofers have done since 1977.

Technical Specifications:


3 way floorstanding speaker
Bass-reflex, down-firing port



28 mm Esotar3 tweeter
15 cm MSP midrange
Two 18 cm NeoTec woofers
Crossover frequency: 290Hz/3700Hz



Sensitivity: 88 dB
Power Handling: 350 W
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 38 Hz- 22 kHz
Impedance (nominal):  4 ohms



Dimensions (W x H x D): 22.2 x 133.7 x 39.9 cm
                                      (8.7 x 52.6 x 15.7 in)
Footprint (W x H x D): 36.4 x 138.2 x 42.4 cm
                                     (14.3 x 54.4 x 16.7 in)