Buddy Guy | Stone Crazy! [Vinyl Record]


Stone Crazy! is the fourth studio album by Buddy Guy. It was an attempt to capture Buddy's ferocious live performance style in a studio setting. It contains some of his most aggressive and unpredictable guitar solos. Buddy and his band recorded 13 songs for two different albums on October 31st 1979. One of them was this album, the other one was the Junior Wells album Pleading the Blues. Buddy's brother Phil Guy played rhythm guitars, J. W. Williams played bass, Ray "Killer" Allison played drums. "Are You Losing Your Mind" is a version of Buddy's great song "Stone Crazy", retitled due to copyright issues at the time.



UPC: AL 4723
Format: 1 vinyl disc
Speed: 33RPM
Release date: 1981




I Smell A Rat
Are You Losing Your Mind?
You've Been Gone Too Long


She's Out There Somewhere
Outskirts Of Town
When I Left Home