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SONY NW-ZX2 Walkman:
Superior sound becomes mobile

Sony NW-ZX2 Player front and side views
Sony NW-ZX2 Player

Sony's very own DAC

After more than a decade of SACD expertise, Sony took the time to design from scratch a DAC perfectly suited for today's digital format. Few products can boast the same feature given how fastidious the process of designing a performant DAC is. Sony's effort paid back and brought to life this extremely musical component.

No format overlooked

The NW-ZX2 Walkman will support literally all current digital audio formats. And yes, it plays DSD, too. The very format that is used by many renowned recording studios.





S-Master HX Amp

Every HiFi audio device requires good analog circuitry. In this regard, the NW-ZX2 Walkman by Sony is yet again ahead of similar products thanks to its S-Master HX amplifier which cuts all noise and distortions that can be found in conventional amplifiers.

Sound sctructure

The NW-ZX2 shows the premium built quality with machined aluminium frame and gold-plated copper chassis. Sony reached new heights in stifness and low contact resistance which translate into a clear and powerful sound in the lower frequencies.

Sony NW-ZX2 Player


Sony also worked on enhancing a crucial element of today's digital music: wireless transfer. The brand new LDAC will transfer data via Bluetooth at 3X the actual rate. The difference is astonishing.

Appreciate Walkman Hi-Res

At 1,199$, we highly recommend the Sony NW-ZX2 which is, in our view, one of the best offers on today's market when it comes to high-res portable devices in this price range. Sony made a genuine effort in building this player. You will hear it right away.

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