Neat Acoustics - Momentum SX5i Loudspeaker - Natural Oak

The Momentum range bridges the gap between the Motive and Ultimatum ranges. Again, three models which deliver performance far beyond what might be expected from such relatively compact designs. The Momentum range is also where the isobaric bass loading enters the Neat family. This is a technique which employs two drive units operating together with a sealed chamber between them, thus allowing the system to produce deeper bass fundamentals and greater control than would be achieved with a single drive unit in the same enclosure.

Momentum Overview

The quest for affordable high performance is addressed in the Momentum range. Here, we have sought to deliver valuable aspects of the Ultimatum technology and performance at a much lower cost. The Momentum range effectively bridges the gap between the Motive and Ultimatum ranges, offering a glimpse of the connsumate performance of the award-winning Ultimatum models, but with the price vs performance values of the Motive models.

The Momentum models use the same LF drive units and iso-baric bass loading principle as is employed in theUltimatum models. The Momentum models are now in ‘SX’ guise, using the same anodised aluminium dome tweeter as the Motive SX models.

The Momentum models offer class-leading performance from elegant enclosures which take up a minimum of floor space.

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Momentum SX5i

The Momentum SX5i is a full range 2.5-way iso-baric floorstanding design which uses four drive units in each enclosure.

Isobaric loading is a familiar feature on Neat loudspeakers, this being our favored system for delivering exemplary bass performance.

The isobaric principle is exploited in quite a radical way in the design of the Momentum SX5i, which features two 6.5″ bass drive units in an integral subwoofer arrangement (this part of the system is hidden from view).

An ‘Ultimatum’ type bass/midrange main driver then handles frequencies up to the crossover point, where the new ‘SXT’ inverted anodized aluminium dome tweeter, with its fluid & dynamic HF response, takes over.

All of the drive units used in the Momentum models are custom-made to Neat Acoustics’ designs.

The close tolerance capacitors and chokes used in the hardwired crossover networks are, likewise, made to our exacting requirements by leading UK suppliers.

All of this technology is presented in attractive, room-friendly cabinets in a variety of finishes to match any décor.

More importantly, the Momentum loudspeakers are capable of delivering a compelling musical experience where it really matters – in the listening room

Momentum SX5i Tri-laminate Feet Kit

The Momentum SX5i can be upgraded easily with the addition of the dedicated Tri-laminate Feet Kit (as pictured). These feet allow greater stability and overall cleaner presentation.

(* This kit can also be retro-fitted to the earlier Momentum 4i model.)


  • - Size (hxwxd): 105 x 22 x 23cm
  • - Weight: 20Kg each
  • - Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum 5 Ohms)
  • - Sensitivity: 88dB/1 watt
  • - System: 2.5-way iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer.

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