Naim SuperUniti All-in-one Player (version 2 with Bluetooth)

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The Naim Audio SuperUniti all-in-one player proves that it is possible to obtain an impeccable sound quality through an integrated unit. Not only is it one of the best all-in-one players in the market of high-end high fidelity, but it uses the best technologies from the British brand.

Several components of the SuperUniti share their design or technologies with products which make the reputation of Naim Audio: its stereo amplifier draws from the SUPERNAIT 2 power amplifier; its analog converter applies the same process to remove jitter than the DAC digital-to-analog converter; its digital processing elements come from the NDX network player. Moreover, SuperUniti has a new feature of its own: its silent mechanism to control digital volume offers variable adjustments depending of the speed of rotation of the volume knob.

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