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Naim Mu-so Qb Wireless Music System

Ongoing promotion for the launch of the new Naim series: with the purchase of a Naim Uniti Atom or Uniti Nova or Uniti Star or Uniti Core get $ 400 off the Naim Mu-So Qb!

Naim has won the ''Red Dot Award 2016 '' for Product Design, with the Mu-So Qb compact wireless music system.

It is the second award for the Mu-so family, with the original Mu-so winning the same award in 2015.

Mu-so Qb is supplied with a Classic Naim Black speaker grille as standard.

Unleash the Power of Music

Straight out of the internationally acclaimed Naim Audio laboratories in England, the Mu-so Qb brings out the true flavors of music with its impeccable sound engineering, undeniably handsome looks and a mind-boggling 300 Watts of power. Released in the midst of great hype, the Naim Mu-so Qb, a little brother to the award-winning Mu-so, comes power packed with features, including (but not limited to) Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, internet radio, a 32-bit digital signal processor and so much more. 

In one word, the new Naim Mu-so Qb has all the advantages of its predecessor with added enhanced portability and sleek designs. If coupled with other Naim streaming equipment, Mu-so Qb will help you fill even larger spaces and enjoy thrilling multi-room sessions. Contact us for advice on how set up an ultimate Naim system.

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You can add a new dimension of colour to complement your living space and style.  Select from Deep Blue, Vibrant Red, and Burnt Orange. Contact us

Reg.: CA$1,099.00

The most astonishing factor when it comes to Mu-so Qb is how its individual speakers are configured within such a compact cabinet. To achieve this, each component was adjusted with the greatest angular precision and every inch was used to serve a purpose. Controlling the Mu-so Qb is made even simpler by the Naim control app, which allows to remotely configure every aspect of the device.

The advanced Mu-so Qb is supplied with an elegant set of speaker grilles in black color. A lover of brighter colors may also go for a vibrant red, a deep blue or a burnt orange grill for an additional $109 per set.



• Universal Plug ‘n’ Play (UPnP) protocol that supports PC, Mac computers and storage devices connectivity with high sound qualities.

• Multi-room compatibility to enable its use in combination with other Mu-so sound systems for a great musical experience.

• Ability to stream music from an iDevice, iTunes or Apple Music.

• USB port to enable compatibility with USB sticks and iDevices.

• Bluetooth function to instantly stream music over a wireless connection.

• Audio booster that improves audio from digital sources like TV, set-top box or other devices

• Access to thousands of internet radio channels.

• Built-in Spotify support to freely play billions of your favorite tracks over an internet connection.

• Unique alarm clock that can be operated using the Naim app.

• Support for lossless, high-quality streaming with TIDAL.

• A built-in stereo jack socket to connect your Mu-so Qb with a TV or other audio devices.

• Sleek appearance and great portability.


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