Martin Logan - Electrostatic - Electro motion ESL-center (black)DEMO

Priced at $2,199 each CAD, the powerful EM-ESL C is a high-performance electrostatic center channel loudspeaker. With the exceptional mid-range dynamics of an electrostatic panel, the remarkable details delivered by a Folded Motion Tweeter, and the addition of a newly-designed CenterForce dual woofer system, the most surprising thing about the EM-ESL C isn’t its superior performance. It’s that the EM-ESL C is compact enough to fit easily into today’s most popular A/V furniture. With the EM-ESL C electrostatic center channel loudspeaker, you can match the acoustic signature of your ElectroMotion Series speakers and build a truly astounding home theater system.

Special: CA$1,299.00

Reg.: CA$2,199.00


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