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P107 Stereo Preamplifier P107 Stereo Pre-amplifier

Linar Philosophy

Highest Canadian Quality in Every Component

Linar Audio never stops their research to achieve the highest possible quality audio components for your enjoyment. The current line of these "made in Canada" products is maintaining the design philosophy with no overall feedback for stability and no capacitors in the signal path and takes advantage of the evolution of components in the last decade. Careful selection of newly introduced hi-end components helps their products to reach an unprecedented level of details and stereo image.

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Power, Finess and Flexibility


The tradition of Linar’s designs is to offer you flexibility in both configurations and connections. Their amplifiers can be connected with either RCA or XLR interconnects, operated in either balanced or unbalanced mode, and allow the user to choose between inverting and uninverting inputs. They can also be bridged into a Balanced Monaural Amplifiers.

Linar's advanced soft-start and instant-off circuitry limits the in-rush of electrical current during power-up and power-down cycles. This avoids sending potentially damaging noise to the speakers, as well as avoiding damage to AC components. The amplifier is constantly monitoring the output stages for DC voltage. If sensed, the amplifier will turn off automatically to protect the speakers and the audio circuitry.


Preamplfiers include seven stereo input, composed of 4 RCA and 3 XLRs for line-level source equipment such as CD, DVD, Tuner and Recording devices. Monitoring function for recording devices is also incorporated. The output connections are made of 2 single ended RCA and 2 balanced XLR connectors to allow direct connection for bi-amplification.

Advanced soft-start prevents spikes from reaching the amplifier. The preamps also include indication that power cables are properly connected and, when a power failure is detected, instant signal muting and user settings retention.

Linar: Ultimate Sound Fidelity

Linar Audio is dedicated to the design and assembly of high performance audiophile amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Their products are the fruit of extensive Research and Development efforts in the audio field and are entirely built in Canada.

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