Kimber Kable 4TC Bulk

Consisting of eight individual TCSS conductors, four clear and four white that utilize our proven braiding technique. The insulating dielectric is high pressure, low temperature extruded fluorocarbon. The individual conductors are Hyper-pure copper, arranged in proven Varistrand conductor geometry. The aggregate wire size is two 13 awg conductors. The focus, transparency and transient speed of 4TC are stunning. 4TC continues to receive enthusiastic reviews and recommendations from consumers and critics worldwide.
Reg.: CA$15.00


Four clear and four white braided conductors

2 x 13awg/2.63mm

VariStrand hyper-pure copper

FEP dielectric

Technical Data

Parallel capacitance: 362pF @ 20kHz

Series inductance: 0.715H @ 20kHz

DC loop resistance: 0.038ΩTotal reactance: 0.071Ω @ 20kHz

Frequency response: 0.5dB DC-500kHz

Cable Range Details

Full Range: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at both the amp and speaker ends

External Bi-wire: two runs of cable per channel, two connectors at the amp and, four at the speaker end


Sold to the lenght of your choice (one unit = one foot). NO RETURN AND EXCHANGE


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