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Manufacturer clearance of the “Chorus 800 V” and “Chorus 800 V W” series.

The third generation of the Focal Chorus speakers brings sophisticated performance at affordable price. The Chorus 800 V serie combines innovation and manufacturing quality seen in much more expensive products. Based on the Chorus 800 V, the “V W” serie is equipped of Sandwich W woofer for outstanding low and medium frequencies response. This technology, owned and developed by Focal, offers a perfect frequency curve optimisation and a total control of three essential parameters: weight, rigidity and damping. All speakers of these exceptional series are 100% Made in France.

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    Chorus 806 V Ebony

    Neutral and balanced, the Chorus 806 V seduces by the richness of its upper midrange and the speed of its bass. An entirely refined speaker, ideal to play in rooms under 20m2 without any limits

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    Chorus 816 V Ebony

    The floorstanding Chorus 816V makes the most of the two-and-a-half-way configuration: elevated performance in lower octaves thanks to the combination of woofers working in unison. Rooms up to 30m2.

    Price: 1299 CA$
  • Chorus 826 V Ebony

    Chorus 826 V Ebony

    The star floorstanding loudspeaker of the Chorus series, combines power from its two woofers, double ports and separate midrange. A very classy speaker, untiring even while effortlessly performing in rooms up to 40m2.

    Price: 1699 CA$
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    Chorus 836 V Ebony

    Three-way, three woofers, five drivers in all... the Chorus 836V has no fear of (very) large spaces. High-end in sound and shape. The power of the bass will surprise you.

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Inverted dome tweeter

Focal brand’s signature product, the inverted dome tweeter has been continually developed ever since it was created. It bears repeating that its main advantage, apart from its very low directivity, lies in its use of a coil of small diameter (hence very light and better accelerating) directly fixed to the rigid dome.

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W composite sandwich cone

The “W” composite sandwich cone permits total optimization of the frequency response curve, thanks to the total control of three key parameters: lightness, rigidity and damping. At Focal, the letter “W” means Glass/ Glass, as it usually has two sheets of woven glass tissue that are “sandwiched” onto the structural foam core. The glass tissue benefits from the incredibly fine weaving of very long fibres. This choice offers a mass and a size clearly inferior to those in Aramid fibers or other Kevlar® fabrics, which generate coloration in the midrange. It’s also important to note that the molecular bond between the resin and the glass is greater than that obtained with Aramid fibres. The cone structure is more homogeneous and its behavior in flex is much more superior.

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