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Elear is the brand’s audiophile headphones. In essence, they are the same as Utopia headphones when it comes to the loudspeaker design and the mechanics. The solid aluminium yoke gives these headphones a remarkably smooth seamless design. The micro fibre ear cushions provide the user with maximum comfort, an essential quality for long sessions.

Reg.: CA$1,499.00

The new "M"-shaped dome

Tending towards a plane wave with an ultra-near-field loudspeaker

One of the reasons why headphones sound different to speakers is due to the shape of the sound wave. Whether it’s an inverted dome or a positive dome, a listening distance of an inch requires that the shape of the dome is completely redesigned to achieve a plane wave in ultra-nearfield listening. In order to achieve this, Focal innovated once again by designing a cone with a new ‘M’-shaped dome. Utopia, of course, is equipped with the famous pure Beryllium dome in order to offer an unrivalled mass rigidity damping ratio. Elear, on the other hand, has a dome made of an aluminium/ magnesium alloy just like Aria speakers.

A new monolayer voice coil

A monolayer voice coil without former

As part of the project, Focal has designed the very first voice coil without former that also features a monolayer coating to make it even lighter. The result is a voice coil measuring 25mm in diameter by 4.4mm in height which is actually lighter than voice coils measuring 15mm x 1.5mm used in other high-end headphones on the market. The goal is to have excellent mechanical coupling to the dome considering its diameter and to ensure the voice coil is always controlled by the magnet’s magnetic field regardless of the excursion of the moving part.


Tending towards invisibility

The surround is clearly a key component of the moving part. When it comes to the physical demands expected of Utopia and Elear headphones, the surround needs to offer an optimized compliance and have high Xmax, to ensure they are as lightweight as possible. Once again, Focal has proved its expertise with another world premiere: the thinnest suspension ever created, with a thickness of 80 microns! This challenge required months of work to conciliate very low mass, maximum excursion and the linearity of the moving assembly, all while ensuring perfectly balanced sound regardless of the volume.


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