Esoteric - Stereo power amplifier - S03

A Legacy of Consummate Purity and Perfection

Esoteric's new S-03 Power Amplifier carry on the refinement of the 02 Series' superb qualities of musical reproduction, which stand as a Grandioso legacy.

Their minimalist approach to the consummate purity of sound returns to the very source of audio component design to give birth to a rich new range of musical experience. Hand-assembled one-by-one in Esoteric's Tokyo factory, each unit combines the most advanced technologies with an unprecedented level of craftsmanship to give life to a pre-eminent philosophy of sound appreciation, from which a timeless new standard is born.

Concealing the overwhelming potential of Esoteric's premier Monoblock M1, and Stereo S1 and S-02 amplifiers, the S-03 inherits all the knowledge and technology embodied in the core principles of Esoteric power amplifier development, and expands the scope of Grandioso lineage into new realms of listening enjoyment. Offering a range of power and dynamism comparable to the finest high-end components, the S-03 imbues music with ever more vivid sensations of being truly live.

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