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Here comes the Phantom

The result of 10 years R&D and 88 patents is finally here in Canada. Audiophile Experts is the first store in Canada to sell Phantom amplified speakers from Devialet online, together with our 30-day, coast-to-coast satisfaction guarantee. We offer free shipping all across the country from our premises in the Greater Montreal area.

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The Phantoms from Devialet deliver crisp, neutral and powerful sound in an astonishingly small, incredibly good-looking package. Integrating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies, as well as an integrated DAC and an amplifier, the Phantoms are extremely versatile, autonomous and easy to use and configure. They can be used alone or paired for an ultimate listening experience. You can listen to anything with them. With its 750W or 3,000W maximum power, make sure you're at good terms with your neighbours.


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"This thing is worth every euro-converted [...] dollar that you scrape and claw for in this godforsaken and cutthroat world. Yes, it sounds that good."


"A $2,000 Wireless Speaker That Shakes Your Bones"


"An absolute beast of an all-in-one wireless sound system"


Phantom Silver



Silver Phantom

3000 watts
150 dB

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Phantom in white





White Phantom

750 watts
99 dB

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Phantom Technology: It's rocket science, actually

The Analog Digital Hydrid, invented by Devialet, combines the best of the two opposite worlds: Class A analog amplification, for a rich and sophisticated sound, and Class D digital amplication, for power and compactness. The ADH technology is at the heart of every Devialet product.

Developped by Devialet, the Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) technology is unique in the world: it allows the delivery of physical impact unheard yet from such a compact enclosure. In fact, the unit is able to reproduce inner air pressure equivalent to a rocket launch! It gives the Phantom the ability to reproduce clean bass down to the limit of infrasound (16Hz).



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