Tuesday October 9 you are invited to listen !

Tuesday October 9 from 7 to 9 PM you are invited to listen to an audio package of of great interest composed of TAD speakers, Esoteric, electronics and a very special vinyl playback arangement !

In a relaxed atmosphere, without commercial pressure, we invite you to discover the TAD (Technical Audio Device) acoustic speakers.

They will be powered by the Esoteric electronics where the reproduction of sound is so faithful that the musical realism is unparalleled.

The analogue will also be honored thanks to the extraordinary assembly of record player that we have prepared for you: Dr.Feickert / A.Thérieault / Lyra.

This exceptional set, will offer you a musical High Fidelity evening in order to forget about Job / Metro / Dodo!

Confirm your presence on our Facebook page or by writing to us.

Representatives of the brands will be on hand and will be able to answer your questions.

Musical emotion guaranteed!

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