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Founded in 1980, Audioquest sells its products in over 60 countries and has kept its innovation DNA. Audioquest invests heavily in R&D, and it manifests in the innovative products they constantly launch. See below our selection of cables hand-picked from Audioquest’s enormous product range. In no circumstances, should you be shy to contact us. Audiophile Experts will be happy to advise which Audioquest cables will complement best your audio or video system.

Audioquest's philosophy: Do no harm!

Cable design is all about damage control. No Cable can make your system sound or look better, they can only cause damage to the original signal. AudioQuest’s perspective has always been to design cable that do no harm.

LGC conductors: Audioquest uses only high quality oxygen free Long Grain Copper (LGC). These materials reduce distortion and deliver a smoother and clearer sound.

Cold-Welded: all Audioquest connectors are specifically designed to allow a connection devoid of solder. Solder is a common source of distortion. When using a stamping machine instead of welding, the material can be chosen for its conductivity instead of its use to machine.


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