Astell&Kern AK240

The ultimate portable Hi-Fi audio system

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of playing Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) from music mastering studios. MQS refers to all of the high resolution digital music recording studio formats up to 24-bit/ 44 – 192kHz. MQS delivers vast amounts of better music experience because MQS delivers 6.5 times of the detailed information in the same track.

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Astell&Kern: A new standard in listening to music

Astell&Kern AK 240 leather case Astell&Kern AK240 Case

Astell&Kern accessories: Attention to every detail

Crafted with style

The Astell&Kern AK120 Buttero Leather Case reflects the well-appointed imageries of the Italian Walpier Tannery and embodies the refinement and delicate sounds of the Astell&Kern AK120.

The leather case for the Astell&Kern AK240 was made from a process called “Full Vegetable Tanning”. This traditional method has been used in Italy for over 200 years. The process brings out the special characteristic of leather while creating a natural tanning look. A variety of trees and plants are involved in this tanning process which takes about 40 days to complete and only the most experienced professionals in Italy possess the skills to do it.

Astell&Kern native cradles

Use the same material with Astell&Kern to give design continuity. 5 steps angle adjustable. USB/DAC function available.

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