Verity Audio

Parsifal Anniversary | Loudspeakers


The cabinetry of the Parsifal Anniversary enclosure respects an ingenious and expertly studied topology. Here, Verity has chosen an exclusive new cabinet design combining different materials, judiciously placed internal reinforcements and a perfect adaptation of mechanical impedances. This design, which is specially designed to quickly dissipate unwanted energy, results in an authentic and colorless sound performance. These benefits provide the Parsifal Anniversary with an amazing ability to convey the musical message.

The new Parsifal Anniversary is a 3-way broadband loudspeaker. It contains a 1 "diameter" double ring "tweeter, an exclusive 5" midrange speaker and an exclusive 8 "bass speaker. The bass speaker, located in the rear in a bass-reflex box, uses the renowned Verity charging system offering exceptional bass and great precision in the soundstage. It is also for the Parsifal Anniversary that Verity first created its special insulating platforms completely separating the enclosure from the floor.