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Kanta No. 1 | Loudspeakers




 - Impressive bass for its size
 - Neutral and detailed presentation in the midrange
 - Beryllium tweeter
 - Flax membrane cone
 - Made in France



The Focal Kanta No 1 offers impressive dynamics and a surprisingly extensive low frequency reproduction despite being the smallest model in the Kanta series. As it is the case with most of the French manufacturer’s loudspeakers, the Kanta No 1 is made in France, sourcing part of the materials used in its production directly from its homeland.


This loudspeaker sees the integration of Focal’s Infinite Horn Loading (IHL) thechnology with the acclaimed inverted dome Beryllium tweeter. The IHL design was created during the Sopra project where it was required to use as much space as possible in a very compact cabinet. For the Beryllium tweeter to function perfectly it would require an infinite volume in the cavity behind it. The IHL simulates this by placing a small cavity behind the tweeter that connects it to the exterior of the enclosure via a horn filled with acoustic damping material. The sound waves from the rear of the tweeter dissipate along this path, ensuring that no resistance alters the movement of the Beryllium dome in order to maximize its performance.

The Kanta No 1 also features the Flax Sandwich Cone technology on its mid-bass driver. As the name indicates, it is a membrane made from a high-quality flax fiber core enclosed by two thin layers of glass fiber. Flax is twice as light as fiberglass, because the fiber is hollow, has very low elasticity and has internal damping properties similar to the more common Kevlar fibers or aluminum. This combination of lightness and rigidity added to high vibration control makes Focal’s Flax Sandwich Cone a high-performance diaphragm that presents a natural sound with low coloration, faithful to the company’s standard. Furthermore, these cones are made from French flax fiber, which is considered the best quality in the world.


Focal’s Kanta series profits from the technological advancements the French company developed for its highest quality loudspeakers. It integrates both the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) and Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC) designs thus decreasing significantly unwanted distortions. The TMD technology applies to the loudspeaker’s surround, it includes two tubular rings to it that move in opposition to the cone’s resonant frequency, effectively stopping its deformation. The NIC technology sees the addition of a Faraday ring in a carefully researched position in the driver system to stabilize its magnetic field, making it no longer affected by the position of the voice coil and all the moving parts.

The front panel has been designed to combine aesthetics to functionality and is moulded from a single piece of High Density Polymer (HDP). This material is 70% denser than MDF, is 15% stiffer and provides 25% more acoustic damping. The panel’s angles are specifically designed to eliminate sound diffraction and create acoustic softness. The Kanta No 1 incorporates as well Focal’s Focus Time technology, presenting a slight curvature that angles both the tweeter and the mid-bass driver to the optimal sweet spot for the listener.


Technical Specifications:


2 way bookshelf speaker
Bass-reflex, rear oriented



27 mm IAL3 inverted dome Beryllium tweeter
16.5 cm Flax mid-bass driver with TMD and NIC
Crossover frequency: 2400 Hz



Sensitivity: 88 dB at 2.83 volts/ meter
Power Handling: 150 W
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 46 Hz- 40 kHz
Low frequency point (-6 dB): 42 Hz
Impedance (nominal):  8 ohms



Dimensions (W x H x D): 23.4 x 42.2 x 39.1 cm
                                      (9 x 16.5 x 15.4 in)