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N-05XD | Network Audio Player | Preamplifier | Discrete DAC | Headphone Amplifier


Starting new audio style with network, with the Master Sound Discrete DAC that invites you to a new digital audio world, an attenuator system that maximizes potential of your speakers and power amplifier, digital and analog inputs, and preamplifier that settles in the middle of the system.

Accommodating a linear-power driven network circuit that employed on the N-01XD, expressing more musical detail on network sources with natural power supply regulated by dedicated power transformers, supporting various Internet streaming services.

A newly developed DAC that succeeds the philosopy of the Grandioso D1X's Master Sound Discrete DAC that reached the summit. The Master Sound Discrete DAC is a fully in-house designed discrete DAC completed by ESOTERIC who has been aiming for the original master sound.

Accommodating an L/R independent and fully balanced headphone amplifier with exclusive ESOTERIC-HCLD buffer circuit that firmly grips high-end headphones with 600Ω impedance.

Connecting the N-05XD to an external G-02X Master Clock Generator allows more accurate synchronization between internal digital circuits, thereby enabling significant improvements in system sound quality. The N-05XD is compatible with 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz word clocks as well as both 10MHz and 22MHz direct master clock LINK.