DragonFly Red | USB DAC | Headphone Amplifier


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The DragonFly Red USB DAC converter uses a high-efficiency amplifier (2.1 volts) to process sound with power and finesse. Your headset is a low-efficiency type and requires a lot of energy? The DragonFly Red and it will get along quite well. The 64-bit architecture, digital-volume control of this DAC handles data in perfect-bit mode.The Audioquest DragonFly Red USB DAC contains an ESS Sabre 9016 digital-to-analog converter chip from ESS Technology, with a 32-bit architecture and a minimum-phase filter, whose sound fidelity, dynamic contrast and signal-to-noise ratio raise eyebrows. You want to use the DragonFly Red converter with your phone or tablet? Add a USB adapter and voilà! You want to play your music through a preamplifier, integrated amp or receiver? Treat yourself!

At the heart of the DragonFly Red USB converter, the Microchip PIC32MX microcontroller processes audio files up to 24-bit/96KHz. You want to listen to MP3 or high-resolution files? Streaming audio? Your CDs? Yes, yes and yes. And don’t worry regarding the future: a free software for Mac or PC ensures compatibility with applications and protocols to be developed by the industry.

By connecting the Audioquest DragonFly Red USB DAC to your computer or mobile device and your headphones, you will have an earful of fun.

Output: 2.1 volts

Volume Control: Digital, 64-bit, bit perfect

Microcontroller: PIC32MX DAC Chip: ESS 9016, 32 bits

Compatibilty (computer): Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X

Compatibility (mobile): iOS 5 and above, Android 4.1 and above.