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Experts Hebdomadal Selection

-The MartinLogan BalancedForce 212 is a very impressive and powerful subwoofer. With its two opposing 12" drivers that work in tandem to completely eliminate cabinet vibration, it creates sound pressure that we can easily feel. It also features a very convenient panel for configuration and setup. Mathieu

-The Naim Uniti Nova is probably the best all-in-one available right now. It is certainly the best we ever heard at the store. This unit has been recognise by every audiophile websites/magazines. The lastest app update makes it even better. Stacy

-The Focal Stellias are a dream come true for anyone who loves closed-back headphones. They feature Focal's most advanced technologies as well as one of the best acoustic material: Beryllium. They create an unprecedented level of precision and detail in this type of headphones and we appreciate the Stellia's truly transparent sound reproduction and very low distortion. Mathieu

-The Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital is not only an excellent DAC with full MQA unfolding, it's also a great sounding headphone amplifier. We really love the sound quality coming out of this little device. Stacy

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