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ESOTERIC - Integrated amplifier - F03A


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Class A Reference Model

Setting out to create one of the most desirable integrated amplifiers available.
Esoteric brought together a fully balanced preamplifier and a Class-A power amplifier.
Both directly derived from its well-respected Grandioso line-to created a new reference for integrated amplifiers that gives full expression to the smooth, full-bodied tones and delicately shaded textures of your favorite music.

Large-Capacity Custom Power Transformer - The Nucleus of the Finest Power Amplifiers

 The power supplies of the F Series feature large-core 940VA custom EI power transformers and 40,000µF block capacitors for each channel in a dual monaural configuration. Large-gauge cable is used in all connections to help minimize impedance. As in our separate power amplifiers, this outstanding power section achieves a theoretically linear power output ranging from 30W at an 8Ω load to 60W at 4Ω for faithful reproduction of every musical dynamic.