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Noir | Jumpers 4x



Our Luna Noir speaker cable is comprised of twelve braided 18-gauge and four interwoven 22-gauge signature Luna Cables Neo-Vintage (LCNV) waxed cotton dielectric tinned copper conductors, for a total of 10-gauge per polarity. These cables are braided by hand to control for resonance and minimize interference. A braided tinned copper shielding is then applied to restrict electromagnetic and radio frequency interactions.  As with all our cables, the outer jacket is made of unbleached and hand-dyed 100% cotton, chosen for its flexibility and supplemental damping of resonance. Finally, the hand-engraved anodized aluminum modules are used for greater stability at the crucial split to the positive and negative contact points.  Each cable is then terminated with cryogenically-treated low-mass rhodium plated banana and/or spade connectors for ease of signal transfer. Our jumper cables are also available with banana or spade connectors.

Each of these cables is handmade on order. Delivery may therefore be delayed 14 to 21 days.