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Sony has recently introduced a new Hi-Res product line including the rebooted legendary Walkman music players. Sound and construction quality are pristine. With a 192Hz / 24 bits resolution, the Hi-Res audio format is by far superior to what a CD offers (44.1 Hz / 16 bits resolution). In fact, back in the days, Sony pioneered in the Hi-Res audio format with the Super Audio CD (SACD) it jointly developed with Philipps. The SACD relied (back in the late 90s) on a coding format named DSD (Direct Stream Audio) which remains a reference for serious audiophiles nowadays. For us, these new products are clear sign that Sony is coming back into hi-fi!

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Sony Hi-Res: supported formats

Sony Hi-Res products support a wide range of high resolution audio formats (also called lossless):

sony hi-res HAPS1B music player system side view Hi-Res Music Player HAP-S1/B
  • DSD(DFF):first developped for the SACD, this format is now widely used by recording studios.
  • DSD(DSF): specially created for Sony VAIO PC.
  • WAV: Windows audio format.
  • AIFFaudio format for Mac computers.
  • FLAC: Free Lossless Audio Codec allows to restore compressed audio data to their original state.
  • ALAC:Apple Lossless Audio Codec also commonly called Apple Lossless uses another lossless compression technology.


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